Do you want to be successful? – How is your self confidence stopping you from achieving it?

September 17, 2018 posted in Clarity, Communication, Confidence

The way you see and feel about yourself, plus your self-talk about why you can’t do things, are what’s stopping you right now. Changing these into positives is the key to reaching your full success potential. Having worked with hundreds of women and businesses over the years, I have honed my understanding of how to […]

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Actions that show real inner confidence

August 16, 2018 posted in Clarity, Communication, Confidence

To me, inner confidence is often under rated in the business world, as it is not recognised for what it really is. Most people associate confidence with being outspoken, happy to be the centre of attention, someone who is bold in their actions or decisions; however, true self confidence manifests as calm, quiet and naturally ‘grounded’ […]

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Confident or truly Self Confident?

July 17, 2018 posted in Confidence

Many people think these are the same thing, but in reality, they are very different. One can be faked, even if for a short while, to get you through that tough meeting, the high pressure presentation, the job interview; true self confidence or inner confidence cannot be faked. Unless you are lucky enough to have […]

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8 Keys to Personal Resilience

June 8, 2018 posted in Resilience

Most people try to avoid stress. The fact is, that no matter how we live, we will always have a degree of stress in our lives. The important thing is having mechanisms to adapt to stress and adversity. Resilience is just that, the ability to adapt and bounce back from stressful situations, whether one off […]

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